Review by Gisela Dixon (for Readers’ Favorite, 9/16/2016):

Lucidity in Sin City by Jay Troska is an autobiography about his life from the time he decided to move from Minneapolis to Las Vegas, Nevada. The story starts off with his background and growing up in the cold of Minnesota, when he decided to relocate to sunnier, warmer Las Vegas. He then talks about his various adventures and moving around in the Las Vegas area, including his smoking, drinking, gambling, brush with brothels, and online dating. As the story progresses, he meets his wife, starts a family, quits smoking and drinking, and the second half of the book explores his views on spirituality. This covers ideas from a wide range of sources and explores the collective unconscious, the meaning of life, the after-life, the essence of the universe, and a general discussion of ideas and views of philosophers from all walks of life such as Carl Jung, Ervin Laszlo, etc.

Review by Anthony Peake (from “Anthony Peake’s Author Page” on Facebook, 9/13/2016):

The proof of any hypothesis of perception lies in real people, unknown to the author and with no vested interest in supporting the authors “speculations” describing personal experiences that suggest that the author’s interpretation may be a reasonable model of how things really are. Over the last ten years, ever since the publication of my first book, I have been contacted from scores of individuals from across the globe who have experienced perceptions supporting my “Cheating The Ferryman” hypothesis. Now, for the very first time, somebody has written a book describing a whole series of “itladian” experiences all of which support CTF. I am honoured and deeply touched that a Las Vegas-based public accountant, Jay Troska, has written a book discussing exactly how his experiences support my model of reality. Jay and I do not know each other and it is only recently that he told me about his new book, “Lucidity in Sin City.” Jay has kindly sent me a signed copy that I received today. This is a stunning personal account of matters itladian and is a terrific read. Jay also name-checks my friends Dr. Art Funkhouser and Professor Vernon Neppe. I strongly advise itladians to check out this book. It is available on Amazon ….